You greeted me with open arms, Happy to have a companion in this world. At times, joy arose like a flame That attracted moths with its light. The image was perfect.   You would rise in fury When the last of what should have been yours Was left devoured Or if I broke something by … Continue reading Apology

Runner’s High

The bitter cold stings and whips Against your skin As your feet blaze Through the terrain. The high is in full throttle, And you're savoring every second Of this bliss.   The beginning wasn't too unpleasant, But now this euphoria Of energy and joy Comes unbridled, And, for a moment, You catch a glimpse Of … Continue reading Runner’s High

Into the Shadow

A Plague Has found me, My body and spirit Slowly slumbering To its quiet lull. In my prayerful mind, A void is unlocked, Where the thing has made Its domain. A small sliver of light Dances behind me, Illuminating the abyss But also a road To follow its still, small voice. Ultimately, I choose the … Continue reading Into the Shadow